Hearthstone’s newest expansion has a new card that’s causing balance issues… with animations

You aren't going anywhere for a while, right?
When a new expansion arrives in Hearthstone, there will be balance issues. That’s almost inevitable; you know it’s going to happen, it’s part of the nature of the beast. What seems a little bit unusual is the fact that this particular card is causing balance issues simply due to animation locks. The legendary Shaman card Shudderwock is causing problems due to the nature of its special abilities, which replays every single Battlecry effect on your side of the board through the whole game.

This is obviously powerful, but this can also wind up cycling through an extensive and long animation cycle that ultimately leaves your opponent unable to actually play, which is clearly not an intended function of the card. The functionality will be revisited next week, so hopefully players will not long have to suffer a strategy of winning via animation locks. There’s a charming meta nature to it, but it still feels cheap.

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Day one after the expansion there was a lot of players running this card. Now I hardly see any.

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Shudderwock as viable strategy died after the first day but Krupp might have rezzed it last night. It still isn’t a good ladder strat though because games take too long to complete. That is the only problem with Shudderwock; the turns take too long. I haven’t seen anyone being forced to skip their turn yet, just concede in despair.
Other than that it is interesting to see hands with 11 cards and 10 minions on one side of the board.