Conan Exiles outlines its day-one patch plans as players grumble over preorder bonuses


With less than a week to go before launch, the Conan Exiles team is putting out one last newsletter with the plan for the rollout.

“At launch we’ll be rolling out a Day 1 patch to add more bug and crash fixes, content updates and optimizations to client and server performance,” Funcom says. “And, of course, opening the Swamp and the Volcano up to players. The version of the game you’re currently playing on either Early Access and Game Preview is not the final version of the game! There’s more coming.”

“We launch the game at 13:00 CEST (1pm) / 7am EDT / 4am PDT on May 8th. We’ll take down our official servers at 18:00 CEST (6pm) / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT on May 7th to wipe their databases, patch them to the live build, and restructure them as needed. We are wiping the databases to let everyone start off on an equal footing and to clear out any old data that might be causing compatibility issues. There will be 225 official servers at launch, spread across multiple regions.”

Meanwhile, Conan fans on PC are chafing over the revelation that the preorder bonuses are platform-specific and even those willing to buy the game multiple times (say, to apply both a digital PC and box PC code) are stymied by the fact that the box won’t be sold in multiple regions, including the USA. Funcom’s response thus far has been to tell players to order the game overseas from a vendor that doesn’t region-block, so don’t look for any assistance from the studio, apparently, if you’re desperate to get your hands on an Atlantean sword.

Finally, on Twitter, the studio has reiterated that raid timers will remain on the official server types. “Fast” servers are going away, but PvE, PvE Conflict, and PvP servers will still be around.

Source: Official site, Twitter, Funcom forums. With thanks to tipster Kawaii Five-O, who wins the gold star for best username of the day.
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Conan Exiles fills the hole that EQ Landmark left in my soul.

Brown Jenkin

Sooooo bush league question… how does the whole “official servers” thing work? I mean I’ve played Exiles a bunch single player but haven’t bothered with the online version since survival game servers are so tiny. Is there like an accessible “megaserver” type thing?


Most servers I’ve seen have a player limit in the 40s. Last I read Funcom was working to at least double this.
With the current size of the map I think 100 or so could make a really fun experience

Loyal Patron

‘Now let’s talk about our innovative new Royale Battle Mode’


Anyone surprised at this? Funcom gave mutliple types of pre-order bonuses for Age of Conan across multiple vendors. Amazon had a bow; Gamestop had the very OP war mammoth siege mount.

And then after the first subscription wave, everyone found out that their subscription service went through a EURO bank and got charged VAT even for US customers.

Alex Hyer

Age of Conan was 10 years ago.

Funcom was hoping everyone forgot?

Kickstarter Donor

Funcom themselves probably forgot.