Path of Exile details the overhaul coming to Vaal skills

The purpose behind the Vaal skills in Path of Exile was to offer players big, show-stopping skills that could have a large impact on the battlefield. That, unfortunately, is not quite how they’ve worked out in practice. So the game’s next major patch is overhauling them in a major way, starting by making sure that each Vaal skill gem contains both the normal and the Vaal version of a skill to avoid forcing players to choose between them. Soul acquisition is also being altered to ensure that you can expect to use them during boss fights more than once, while also making them less relevant while chewing through hordes.

Meanwhile, individual skills have received balance tweaks. Vaal Arc can no longer bounce as much, but should deal more initial damage to make up for it; meanwhile, Vaal Detonate Dead now creates a pulsing field on the ground bursting corpses in quick succession. You can check out the full rundown of changes on the official site, although the exact numbers haven’t been tweaked just yet. It’s all about giving you new ways to really show off your power, so hopefully the improved skills will provide that rush of explosions.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Pepperzine for the tip!
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PoE is long overdue for a cleanup intervention.
PoE we love you but you are a hoarder, let us help you. In the beginning, it was great to see you try new things all the time, it kept you fresh and alive. But you never throw anything away, and keep stacking new things on top.

See this this box with vaal gems? It is a failed concept that is just taking up space. How about we help you carry them to the bin? Yes I know, it hurts to do this right now, but I promise it will revitalize you.

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Interesting. The problem with vaal skills was always that most of them were only useful for boss fights (as they are the only place where you need more power), which were also the only places where you could not gain the required souls. I’m glad to see that’s changing.

As much as I liked using them in regular clearing and gaining a bunch of souls back from its use (as a summoner I could chain vaal summon skeletons for as long as there were enemies) that’s irrelevant with the current level of clear speed due to power creep. If you can already wipe a screen in 1 second, not even a vaal skill can improve your clear speed anymore.


This change is long over due.
Always liked the idea, but not the implementation. Just never really enough space in your gem setup to include them.

Dug From The Earth

” starting by making sure that each Vaal skill gem contains both the normal and the Vaal version of a skill to avoid forcing players to choose between them.”

best initial change ever for this system.