The Elder Scrolls Online clarifies that Crown Store items can be traded in-game

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It might not seem like it would be something with many grey areas, but the crown store items in The Elder Scrolls Online bring up some interesting questions about RMT. So it’s a good thing that Zenimax has confirmed, at least on the forums, what the “official” view on these items is. The question was always one of whether or not the items counted as in-game items or a form of real money; if it was the latter, trading them could be seen as trading in-game items for real-world money, which is against the rules.

The clarification from staff spells out that Crown Store items are considered in-game items, and trading them falls under the same header of trading in-game things. There’s also some protections in place for players who feel that they’ve been victims of a scam, so the staff suggests that you make sure any discussing happens within logged in-game channels. Still, it’s good to know that the items off of the Crown Store can be traded between players for other in-game gewgaws.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Tom for the tip!
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