Final Fantasy XIV previews the improved search function arriving with patch 4.35

There’s a real dearth of vendor trash in Final Fantasy XIV. Almost everything is useful for something, somewhere. This encourages players to hoard a whole lot of items, which is why the item search feature was originally implemented, but that feature itself still has issues with its implementation and accessibility. Thus, the game’s next patch is improving the search functionality in many ways, starting by popping your item search results out to a separate window.

You’ll be able to see more of where things are kept and where they’re located, so that you should have an easy time seeing if a particular piece of armor is being worn by one of your retainers or the like. The improved system will also highlight if the search results are from a cached version of the game, useful if you play across multiple platforms and might have changed your inventory. So it should be even easier to be sure if you have that Blue Yarzon Leg somewhere (though no easier to figure out why it’s gone).


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David Blair

You know what would be really nice. When I want to craft something(s) it breaks out all of the sub-components required with quantities into an in-game spreadsheet. Transitioning between Windows and FF14 is horrible on my PC so I either have to keep a notepad next to me to scribble out the total number of plant X / ore Y I’ll be collecting for a set or I setup a laptop next to my PC (which is usually the case for fishing, another system that could really use some better in-game tools)

Kawaii Five-O

I guess I’ll be the stick in the mud and say that this QoL update seems rather superfluous–at least in its current form. Aside from the cached icon, it doesn’t present anything new that the text log information doesn’t already aptly display.

It’s a shame it doesn’t add anything new or take advantage of the window–like it’s own search bar and a search history. Even better if it could display the location of multiple items at once. Then it would actually warrant another window taking up screen space and save time.

I hope there’s an option to disable it, because the last thing I need is another popup window to deal with while I’m /isearch’ing and pulling a dozen crafting mats from multiple retainers.