Lord of the Rings Online plans a ‘perfect picnic’ with this week’s summer festival

Lord of the Rings Online’s summer festival is coming back on June 28th, and this year the event has a couple of exciting surprises for players to discover.

Standing Stone Games is trying out a new type of instance for these festivals, starting with the two that arrive in today’s Update 22.3. These include “The Perfect Picnic” with all sorts of cool rewards (want a raincloud pet?) and a revamped boss fight against Thrâng. The rest of the summer festival offerings will also be available, so head over to the LOTRO Wiki for a full guide through these.

Update 22.3 also makes significant changes to the Hunter’s Lingering Wound skill, adds a search bar to the quest log, and puts a throttle on global chat message frequency to combat spamming.

Source: Patch notes
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4 Comments on "Lord of the Rings Online plans a ‘perfect picnic’ with this week’s summer festival"

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Viktor Budusov

2 instances here, several more (and raid) in U23. Look’s like at last SSG got instance-makers.

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Loyal Patron

Does the raincloud hover over your head and drench you? Because that would be perfection.

Not lore-appropriate, of course. But appropriate for most of my characters.

Kickstarter Donor

I’ll have to see what they did with Thrang. Been about a year since I solo’d him.

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Tobasco da Gama

Picnic raids might actually get me raiding again!