Destiny 2’s upcoming patch tweaks Quickplay, Rumble, and bounties as Bungie preps for Forsaken

Destiny 2’s 1.2.3 patch (yay soothing numbers) drops on Tuesday, and if you’re thinking it may be a good time for re-entry, you’re gonna wanna know what’s in it. Several things! Quickplay is now 6v6, Rumble is back on the table, and bounties are back – and they won’t be as “gotta do them or else” as they were in their first iteration.

“The bounties returning to Destiny 2 in Update 1.2.3 are a return to most of the properties of bounties in The Taken King. They will be obtained from a variety of vendors, they will generally award XP and faction reputation (though some will offer even better rewards), and can be redeemed “in the field” to immediately claim your rewards. In Forsaken, you may also see some bounties drop in the wild. There are two new mechanics. Bounties will expire if left uncompleted, and acquiring them will cost a small amount of Glimmer. We wanted to avoid the ‘grab every bounty you see until your inventory is packed and sort them out later’ experience without constraining players to the tiny inventory they found in previous iterations of the game.”

Meanwhile, Bungie has been pushing out new info on the upcoming expansion through GameStop’s promotional outlet, Game Informer; there’s a huge infodump on new supers and subclass branches, the Tangled Shore map, weaponry, and the Flashpoint milestone, all worth a peek if you’re eagerly anticipating Forsaken.

Source: Bungie

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Destiny 2’s 1.2.3 patch (yay soothing numbers)

That comment made me laugh!

It’s like a hot tea of version numbers. ☺

Danny Smith

“H-hey guys, we really want to keep being employed so come back for-”
“a-another season pass and another paid dlc, but dont worry”
“eververse is fully stocked and ready for your money wise consumers so please come ba-”


Crazy how one trailer blew it away.


Wish I could click the Like button on this comment more than once :)

What’s crazy to me is that GuardianCon this weekend started off as a Destiny fan convention, but Activision and Bungie have mostly been wary and hostile towards them while this year Digital Extremes have worked with and hosted (and donated $50k to) their charity stream and retweeted them and promoted them with an in-game glyph!

Edited to add: Just spotted this photo on GuardianCon’s Twitter feed ~chuckle~