Blade & Soul launches a frozen event dungeon to keep you cool for the summer

Play it cool, boy, real cool.
If you want to stay cool in Blade and Soul for the summer, you’re going to have to get cool. The summer event that’s kicking off on August 15th is going to definitely keep you nice and cool, you see, but that’s because you’re going to be venturing into the Frozen Firing Range. Yes, that should definitely keep you cool, and it’ll also net you a Frozen Fun Bag each time you complete the event’s daily quest.

Contained within that frozen fun bag? Various rewards, including Ice Pellets which you may use as currency. You can unlock swimsuit outfits, special Iciles to absorb all of an attack’s damage, and other goodies. So check out the event starting in the near future, and get ready to stay extremely cool based on the frozen nature of the dungeon. Of course, you may not want to go into the frozen dungeon in a swimsuit, but that’s a different problem.

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IronSalamander8 .

Considering what the event is showcasing the term ‘…frozen fun bags’ is either a poor or humorous choice of words. Or possibly both.


I pretty sure it was on purpose, actually. The translators have taken some liberties before.


Heh. With all due respect to Black Desert, this is a repeat of last years Frozen Firing Range which dropped swimsuits as well. Swimsuits are a thing in BnS. And it’s not a bad thing but… I do admit, it is a bit distracting.

But aside from bikini heaven, this event is definitely just filler from what we know right now. And I, personally, hate events that are nothing more than a cash grab. There aren’t many in BnS. Usually, each event is significant as an update adding or improving several items in-game. But this one? Meh… they put the really cool bathing suits in the cash shop and watch players throw their money at them.

And yeah, I’m guilty too. Afterall, it is summer and running dungeons in hot swimwear does not go amiss.

The gear is a bit too “breezy” for many and I think you will understand why.


“The gear is a bit too ‘breezy’ for many…”

…I think I should of patented that term. o.O


Lol. Exactly why I used quotes. “Breezy” is a great term and all yours. :)P

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Jack Pipsam

Finally an event for Australia & New Zealand XD

Roger Melly

Along with Lotro’s mid year Yule event maybe this is the new normal .