Ashes of Creation lays out its phased alpha roadmap, plans more hires this month


Ashes of Creation’s latest newsletter has a few bits of interest for those watching the game from afar. For starters, Intrepid says it’s now “officially passed 100 developers on the project” and plans to announce an addition 21 new hires in August.

And what are they working on? Alpha, of course. The studio says it counts “over 8500” folks testing alpha one; that’ll close once it hits 10,000. Moreover, the rest of alpha is being sorted out into different phases.

“Phase One of Alpha One, which will be accessible next month, will be focusing on the action side of combat, and will include modes of; Open World Battlegrounds, Castle Sieges and City Defense Horde Mode. This phase is designed to test the mechanics of our action side of combat, as well as, our castle siege systems, and adaptive AI mechanics in the Horde mode.”

Phase Two, on the other hand, is considered “more traditional alpha testing”; it will begin “near the beginning of 2nd Quarter 2019” and focus on hybrid combat, level 20 progression, character cystomization, questing, guilds, and slices of housing and crafting.

The studio also says it’ll be at PAX West this year, broadcasting its panel from the con for those at home on Saturday, September 1st, at 1:30 p.m. EDT.

Source: Newsletter. Cheers, BrotherMaynard.



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This dev team is killing it progress wise.

Toy Clown

I had high hopes for the game until an AoC content creator laid out exactly what happens if you want to own a home and it just killed it for me. Sure, you get your belongings and skins back, but you don’t get the land back: You’d have to buy it elsewhere again. If I put a lot of time and effort into something, it will break my heart to watch it destroyed and have to go through it all over again to make the coin to purchase more land. Sure, I can join a large guild who will have a high chance of holding its town, but even eventually those guilds fall.

It’s totally off my watch list. Maybe things will change as they come closer to release, but housing is such an end-game feature for me, as well as useful RP tool, that I wouldn’t play it in its current state.


This is such a gorgeous game, and I’m hoping that they keep a well-rounded system that allows for all types of play. I’m so tired of not being able to convince friends and family to try a stunning game because of open world PvP and gankers. I just really, really want this one to be good.

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Okay, I know environments are the easiest part of graphics to get right – but damn that was pretty!

Not super happy that action combat is the sole focus of the first test (meh to every game being obsessed with action combat these days), but at least there’s progress.


That’s a lot of different modes. Have fun keeping all of those full. A brand new IP with a box price and a sub keeping a playerbase healthy enough to see all those modes filled with enough players to keep that stuff fun if it is in fact designed well is a tall order.


No box price.


Pretty sure they’re all open world activities so it’s not like they’ll be instanced off and require X amount of people for.


Over 8500 people paid $500 for Alpha One/name reservation rights? This is why we, as gamers, are just as at fault for studios continuation of heavy monetization of the genre.

Sometime ago name reservation used to be a reward to Alpha & Beta participants as a thank you for helping debug a game. Even lesser in-game titles that stated “you’ve been here since Beta” as an early in. A badge of honor. Now….I’m kind of ashamed of the genre. Developers milk gamers and the gamers themselves just go alone with it.