Shroud of the Avatar expands dye palettes to more furniture in this week’s update


One of my first MMORPG memories revolves around my standing at Britain bank in Ultima Online, offering to dye people’s clothes for gold – people who, I guess, hadn’t figured out they could walk 10 steps to the clothier and go buy their own dye tub and paints to do it themselves. Wheee!

And as of this week’s update dyes are expanding in Portalarium’s Shroud of the Avatar, according to the game’s latest newsletter, as more and more in-game items get the color treatment in the coming patch.

“We now have technology and user interface support to allow the use of dyes to change the colors of decorations including banners, beds, couches, sofas, and more! We have begun updating our game assets to accept dyes. This will take time as each asset has to be modified individually. Our plan is to maintain a careful balance between craftable items and store items in this effort. For now we are focusing on cloth items but we plan to expand to leather, and possibly wood as well.”

Update 57, due out at the end of the month, is also expected to include part of the player-made dungeon system, helm-hiding, UI polish, water lots, combat balancing, new items, and multiple quality-of-life adjustments. Stay tuned!


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A shiny turd is still a turd.


That’s a nice shiny couch.


Sounds to me like the only shiny aspect of this game.