Bless Online rolls back 18 hours of progress and offers players compensation

Remember, you were the ones who couldn't wait for this game.

It was earlier this month when Bless Online unveiled its plan to compensate players for extended downtime and unexpected maintenance. Now the game gets to put that compensation to the test for unexpected maintenance from its most recent patch. Of course, that maintenance came along with a shiny 18-hour rollback of progress for most of September 20th, which has resulted in players crying foul already.

Players are upset in the comments because while compensation is being offered, it’s compensation in the form of rather trivial quantities, which doesn’t ease the sting of having a day’s progress taken away… especially when there is no stated cause for the maintenance. So while the compensation is strictly better than no compensation, it doesn’t appear to be mollifying the playerbase.

Now would be a good time to suggest that you take a look at our recent interview with the development team about the long-term plans for the game in terms of development, or perhaps just a sobering reminder that the title’s last Korean servers will be shutting down soon.

Source: Steam

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Those 5 players left playing must be really upset.

IronSalamander8 .

More popcorn stat!


It’s like they’re trying their very best to alienate even their biggest fanboys.


This company has no business running an MMO, maybe they should have developed the Bubble Witch killer instead.

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Bless Online just can’t catch a break at the moment.

Of all the things, short of a sunset I guess, roll backs are probably the worst thing that can happen in an mmo to the player base at large. So I would personally err on the side of generous in terms of compensation.

As an example, while it wasn’t a roll back the fairly recent extended downtime that Trove had was really generously compensated. It killed pretty much all the complaints in an instant and got most players back on the devs side and feeling good about the game. I would think given all the problems that is something the Bless devs would really want.