CCP Games offers DUST 514 veteran reward accounts in upcoming Project Nova


Those of you who have been following the highs and lows of EVE Online developer CCP Games over the years will remember the story of DUST 514, the MMOFPS that launched as a PlayStation 3 exclusive toward the end of the console’s lifetime and was eventually shuttered. Developers have been teasing a PC reboot of the game ever since, and showed off an early prototype of a new MMOFPS under the name of Project Nova at EVE Fanfest 2016.

News on the project has been thin on the ground ever since, until CCP announced at EVE Fanfest 2018 at that it would be coming “in months, not years.” Fast-forward to this week and ex-DUST 514 players have started getting emails offering them the chance to reserve their old character’s names in the upcoming FPS and unlock special veteran rewards such as the unique “PHOENIX” dropsuit. The email was signed off by “The DUST 514 / Project Nova Team” but the final name for the title has not yet been announced. The timing of the offer can’t be a coincidence though, and we expect to hear some big announcements later this month at EVE Vegas 2018.

Source: CCP Games email. Thanks, Kenny and Novatron!
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