Trove interview teases upcoming Geode surface world, gem tutorial, dungeon design, and Bomber Royale’s reception


At the tail end of September, Trove website Trovesaurus posted up a belated but quite welcome Gamescom interview with Trion Worlds that gives a huge overview of what’s on the game’s horizon now that the first part of Geode is behind us. And it’s a lot!

In addition to the predictable Halloween event and planned gardening update, players can look forward to a “surface update” that breathes life into the surface of the last expansion’s planet, complete with three biomes to play around in. If you’ve ever felt lost navigating the game’s gem system – I sure was at first! – then you’ll appreciate the gem-tutorial questline that will bring newbies (midgamers, really) up to speed. Also worth a note? There’s a tiny tease that modding on console might – might! – someday be possible.

As for dungeoneering, Trion told the site that it’s appointing a new dev to review player-submitted dungeons and that it’s working on making dungeons more than just a pop-in and win scenario.

“The developers want players to spend more time in dungeons. At the moment players come, bomb, kill and take off again. Some new ways to experience dungeons might be on the table. Dungeons designs need to be better and more time consuming (also more rewarding). But designing dungeons for Trove is a hard thing to do. Veteran players have bombs, dragons, and jumps but newer players won’t have access to all of those things right away. This prevents the design from including elaborate jump puzzles.”

By the way, if you didn’t like Bomber Royale… you’re in the minority. Trion says that its experience launching the module showed that “players are receptive to this new type of non-combat gameplay and that it fits [Trove’s] demographic” – that “it didn’t revolutionize the game, but it didn’t crash and burn either.”


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If they make new dungeons take longer to do, the reward has to be equal to the new length it takes them. People purposely blast through dungeons to get to the end as fast as possible. If new dungeons came in that took longer, people would simply avoid those dungeons – unless the reward was higher as well.

Of course they could completely change up the system and do something silly that ticks 95% of the player community off, which Trion is pretty good at doing when it comes to Trove – so maybe they will.

Such as disabling dragons, multi-jumping, and wings in dungeons, and make all dungeon walls invincible. That would be a good way to tick everybody off and make dungeons take longer at the same time, they just have to pay me a small royalty for the idea and they can take all credit (though honestly they’re probably thinking of that on their own already).

To be honest that wouldn’t be that bad of an idea really as long as the rewards were multiplied a lot to go along with it and it was optional as well. They could have a different set of worlds that disable all those things and give far better rewards, while being totally up to the player which of the two different world rule sets they want to enter.