Ashes of Creation temporarily drops alpha NDA, allow streamers to broadcast live footage


Saturday night, the folks at Intrepid Studios lifted the NDA on the Ashes of Creation alpha for a few hours, allowing streamers to broadcast live footage of the game for the first time. Most of the videos released showcase the battle royale mode that has been implemented for the sake of testing connectivity, combat, and server stability ahead of the full-fledged MMO build, though a post from /u/NoHeals4U on the /r/MMORPG subreddit notes that footage of the MMO build is available under the tag “Alpha Zero.”

According to the same Reddit post, the devs have also announced that they will be dropping the NDA permanently sometime next week “once they polish and fix a known issue that is causing some recent lag spikes.” In the meantime, however, you can scroll down below to check out a collection of streams from the recent NDA drop.

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