PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds declares the successful end to the ‘FIX PUBG’ campaign


Good news, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans, the “FIX PUBG” campaign is over and was successful! Sure, that doesn’t mean that PUBG has actually been fixed, but it does mean that the developers have identified many of the places where it remains broken, or the places where previous fixes broke it worse, and that was… apparently the goal? Maybe?

It turns out that if you move the goalposts enough you can declare that your campaign was a success by stating that you now know what’s broken rather than by actually fixing it. Life is hilarious! Did you know feet are basically modified hands?

The whole letter goes into more details, but it includes some rather odd notions like counting matchmaking as fixed because the issues introduced with the patch that broke matchmaking have subsequently been fixed. There have also been numerous accounts banned for cheating and talk of further anti-cheating measures. So it… apparently was a success? It’s their show, not ours.

Source: Steam

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Ah, but PUBG isn’t the first to come up with this strategy. Bethesda has been doing it for years. Heh.

Remember when Skyrim was supposed to be “fixed”? Lol. Game breaking bugs were still there. But hey, the acknowledge it so… yeah, fixed.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

Well when you start a marketing campaign to “fix” your game, you have probably doomed yourself to not being able to “fix” whatever people think is wrong with it.

Network/ping issues have gotten dramatically better, performance is better, and my anecdotal experience with hackers is much better. Anyone still not happy with the game probably just doesn’t like the game.

Bruno Brito

I see.

So, by knowing it to be a issue, you can then proceed to ignore it and calling it a success.

It seems this company achieved some kind of weird Nirvana.

Edit: This is the benchmark they posted.
comment image

I’m highly interested in why both lines look almost similar. Just one above the other.

Internet graphs, i guess?

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It’s apparently their bechmark results. No time for the X axis, but the nearly identical lines indicate that the same performance issues remain within the game. It does show that things have improved, though without actual info on the graph I’m not sure if we can tell by how much. For all we know that’s largely showing a steady 1-2fps improvement /shrugs