Bless Online introduces a new dungeon and new DLC options

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Is the newest dungeon for Bless Online calling you a rube? Probably not; it’s quite possibly that the new Ruber Ossuary is pronounced wholly dissimilar (it might be “roo-bay”) and it’s just an unfortunate similarity. But if you want to keep that thought in the back of your mind whilst you fight Magum the Evil Spirit Sorcerer (who may be a sorcerer of evil spirits or a sorcerer who is himself an evil spirit, or perhaps even a spirit sorcerer who is evil instead of good or neutral), we certainly can’t stop you. The patch is live today, and these are the mysteries you must contemplate.

Also worth contemplating are the new DLC options available in the game; there are two packs, both on sale, with the cheaper one costing less than $10 and offering 500 Lumena, a looting pet, and a few other gewgaws. The more expensive one will run you around $40 and includes a costume for your character, your mount, and your pet, along with 7900 Lumena, a different kind of looting pet, and more. Again, it’s all live today, so you can consider these mysteries now.

Source: Steam, Neowiz press release
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I’m tempted to install it. I mean, what the hell. It’s better than enduring a day at the mall with the GF and family on Black Friday, right?

Someone quick! Talk me down! But I’m not going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond again!


Performance is crap. People with top notch hardware are getting like 15 FPS on lowest.

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Installed it after I won a key (thanks MOP!), played it for a few hours and I’m struggling to find the motivation to log back in. Some of it is performance issues, some of it is design weirdness, some of it is not being in love with the combo system…

I dunno, it’s preferable to going Black Friday shopping but that’s about all I can say right now. I’m going to try to dump more time in over the break to give it a more fair shake, but so far I’m far from impressed with it.


I detest both shopping and crowds. But I put in about 20 hours into Bless. And I think I’d rather go shopping.


I’ve gone down that rabbit hole. There ain’t nothing on the other side. Absolute ghost towns everywhere. Game is buggy, unoptimized, and overall seems very clunky.


Heh. I know that outcast feeling too. I’m the weird one because I won’t go to the mall.

Yeah, steam has been a little underwhelming.