Darkfall Rise of Agon patches in old-school mobs, opens supporter pack funding program


Sanctioned Darkfall spinoff Rise of Agon has been busy since its 2017 launch with multiple content and quality-of-life patches – it’s even been teasing dynamic housing. The game’s latest patch is a bit more modest, however, introducing new named mobs with old-school spawn clearing, tweaks to shipbuilding and crafting costs, and new monster toys.

Perhaps the more urgent of the game’s latest developments is its supporter pack program, which went live ahead of the weekend. “The funding we get from subscriptions and cash shop purchases covers the costs of our monthly bills but is stretched thin to have a proper budget for development staff,” says indie studio Big Picture Games. The supporter pack page is set up a bit like an Indiegogo, though it’s independent; it has a goal of $50,000. Supporter packs range from $10 to $2500 and offer rewards ranging from titles and coins to bank extensions, skins, and personal statues.

New and returning players can currently play for free – and jump into the game’s ongoing world war.

Get caught up on the game since launch:

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