The Daily Grind: When was the last time an MMO actually lived up to its trailer hype?


The Guild Wars 2 subreddit was marveling this past weekend over the fact that the original Guild Wars 2 teaser trailer is coming up on a decade old this August. I was surprised by the comments, by how many people who still play Guild Wars 2 enough to bother with the sub say they were let down by the actual game and believe the game didn’t match its own hype.

I feel like I’m the exact opposite. I do remember being super peeved about the loss of future content for classic Guild Wars (though of course, we did get a trickle in that interim), but even so, I think the game that originally launched in 2012 way outstripped my expectations. I loved it at launch. GW2 didn’t start to let me down until a couple of years in. Maybe that’s because we covered it so extensively, so my expectations were already pretty aligned with the reality.

When was the last time an MMO actually lived up to its trailer hype for you?

(Here’s the trailer, if you’re curious!)

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