RIFT delivers a small patch, points to ‘future content releases’

We may also not be in Telara, either.

Out of Gamigo’s purchases from Trion Worlds, RIFT has fared especially poorly with very little in the way of development (or developers) in the past half-year. Aside from a couple of events here and there, it has been eerily quiet over in Telara.

[AL:Rift]Perhaps things are about to change? The fantasy MMO actually saw an update today, albeit a fairly modest one. The update prepped for a weekend Hellbug event and made a couple of housing tweaks.

Perhaps the most intriguing, at least for those looking for continued expansion of the game, is mention of a specific raid change. “In preparation for future content releases, and to encourage more hybridization amongst tanks in raids, we have removed Legendary Hits from bosses in Bastion of Steel, Tartaric Depths, and Intrepid Rise of the Phoenix,” Gamigo said.

Future content releases? Now there is hope you can hang your hat on!

Source: Patch notes. Thanks Leiloni!
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