‘You will have to put in some work’ to get the most out of Population Zero’s housing

Slightly higher than zero.

Last week, we posted up a deep-dive into survival MMO Population Zero, specifically its perk system. Developer Enplex hasn’t let up since. Last week, it ran a pre-alpha session for early adopters to test server load, new mobs, combat, and inventory. Now it’s dropped a big ol’ trailer focusing on the game’s building system that aims to be intricate and rewarding but not a tedious grind. Nobody tell MJ!

“To build your own house in Population Zero you will have to put in some work,” the devs explain. “You explore the world, you gather necessary resources, you fight the alien planet’s life forms and sometimes other players. With time, you will be able to build your own colony, claiming territory as your own and from there, what you do in the World of PZ is up to you. Questing, raiding strong and smart alien monsters, or perhaps engaging in PvP. This trailer is all about what you can achieve if you are creative and patient.”


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