Anthem teases cataclysms and answers fan questions in latest AMAAAA


Yesterday, Anthem unveiled the first piece of its post-launch roadmap, which highlighted some of the new content planned for release as part of act one, Echoes of Reality, beginning in March. One of the more intriguing bits of content on the list was the ominous Cataclysms feature, about which BioWare revealed a bit more information in a recent tweet. Cataclysms will be “time-limited world events” in which players will have to be faced with “extreme weather, incursions of dangerous, hostile enemies, and new mysteries to solve.”

And in other news, Anthem’s Lead Producer Ben Irving, Head of Live Service Chad Robertson, and Executive Producer Mark Darrah recently took to Twitter for what they have termed an AMAAAA (Ask Me Almost Anything About Anthem), during which they answered a wide range of questions submitted by fans. You can find some highlights below, but let’s be honest here: The only question that really matters is this one from user @CalwynDirtharan:

Alas, it would appear the devs are playing coy. Well, we can hope, can’t we? Anyway, if you want to check out some more of the AMAAAA goodness, you can find some select tweets below, or you can head over to the devs’ Twitter pages to read more.

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