Destiny 2 outlines quality of life adjustments coming in Update 2.2.1


The weekly Destiny 2 report from Bungie is once again full of details for what’s coming down the pipeline for the multiplayer shooter. Most of this week’s newsletter focuses on a variety of adjustments meant to make several chases easier for players, which are either coming in Update 2.2.1 or in the near future.

Update 2.2.1 is currently on course for a release on Tuesday, April 9th. Its arrival will herald improvements to a variety of drop rates including Dreaming City and Last Wish cosmetics, Lore Books, and the One Thousand Voices Exotic weapon. It will also remove the weekly rotation for Ada-1 weapon frames, which should alleviate the problem of not seeing specific weapon frame types like sniper rifles or machine guns for weeks on end. Players will still be limited to the number of different frame types they can acquire each week, however.

Moving forward, the devs will be making adjustments to weekly Nightfall resets in an effort to prevent streaks where certain Strike types either appear too frequently or infrequently, which should make certain Seal, Triumph, or Title pursuits less RNG-based. The team is also looking to further adjust Gambit matchmaking to level the playing field for those who end up pitted against a prebuilt Gambit fireteam, and will also make adjustments to Gambit Prime matchmaking.

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