The Alliance War is coming to The Elder Scrolls Legends trading card game


The Ruby Throne is up for grabs in this new look at the Alliance War in Elder Scrolls Legends. The trading card game is taking on the same storyline from Elder Scrolls Online, but putting a slightly different spin on the tale. The Alliance War starts with the disappearance of the Emperor and three different factions vying for power.

Bethesda announced that there will be over 100 new cards and new factions for you to join. Each faction has its own “three-attribute combination” and mechanic. For instance, the Aldmeri Dominion empowers its abilities through “relentless attacks,” and the Daggerfall Covenant is able to mobilize heavily armed recruits “at a moment’s notice.” Additionally, look for new visual effects, music tracks, and playmats.

Alliance War is available for preorder for $49.99 US in-app, offering preorder exclusives, of course. These exclusives include a Warmonger title and premium Alliance War card back. The Alliance War will be available worldwide to play on April 15th.

Source: Press release



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