Week three of Guild Wars 2’s welcome back campaign unlocks Long Live the Lich


Over the past few weeks, Guild Wars 2 has been enticing lapsed players with its return to Tyria program, which has offered up free previous Living World episode unlocks and even a sale at one point. We are now on week three of the campaign, and we’ve got another episode unlock.

Long Live the Lich, the third episode of Living World season 4, is now available for everyone to unlock this week. Players can also snag themselves a free Experience Booster for their account from the Gem Store. Both unlocks are available between Tuesday, April 9th, and Monday, April 15th. There’s also the usual lineup of livestreams both with the Guild Wars 2 dev team and partnered streamers. If you’re interested in tuning in to any of that content, you can look over the full schedule for dates and times.

ArenaNet has just announced its next episode for this season of the Living World, so considering that episode 5 is free to unlock right now, it’s a fair bet that episode 4 will be free next week.