Conan Exiles’ new season pass includes multiple DLC starting with today’s Treasures of Turan


The elephants are on parade in the new Conan Exiles DLC Treasures of Turan. Sure, it’s more than just elephants, but “elephants, rhinoceroses, and Turans on parade” isn’t as much fun to say. However, the new DLC from Funcom is available today for PC and PlayStation 4. Xbox One people, your time is “coming soon” according to the press release.

Along with the launch of Treasures of Turan, Funcom also announced the release of a two-year season pass. The pass will give you access to Treasures of Turan and the next three DLC packs coming later this year: Riders of Hyboria, Blood and Sand, and Mysteries of Acheron. According to Funcom, buying the season pass will save you 25% over buying the packs as they release.

As for what is included in the Treasures of Turan… hold onto your trunks because there is more than you can shake a tusk at. Let’s start with the building materials. The new 39 pieces of Turan building material reflects the Arabian palaces found in the Middle East, including curved golden arches and domed roofs with pointed spires. Cavaran elephants and rhinoceroses are there to help carry all your new armor, like the Turan Phalanx Armor which resembles the Sons of the Harpy outfits in Game of Thrones. Also, look for 10 new placeables like statues of anthropomorphic bulls and nine new pieces of Arabic-inspired weaponry.

The gallery and video below give us a good look at what this DLC has in store.

Source: Press Release. Thanks, Kinya!
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