Ship of Heroes says it’s gonna have the ‘best UI in the galaxy’


While the superhero MMO community is buzzing about City of Heroes, serious work on its legal and modern spiritual successors continues, including Ship of Heroes, which has just pushed out a big update all about its user interface with a chunk of screenshots showing it off.

“We thought we’d provide an update on some of the work we’ve done recently on UI features and capabilities,” Heroic Games writes. “The first set of pictures shows that a player can adjust the size of all of the UI elements at the same time, from 50% of normal to 200% of normal as desired, on a single slider. We’ve also added a font size adjustment to the interface settings.”

Players will be able to globally resize everything, including the chat and minimap widgets, plus the the infusion tray scales itself based on how many you’re toting around. There are also options and tweaks for local game sounds, click-through targeting, character portraits, minimizing UI elements, minimap visibility, and “branching dialog as conversation bubbles.” Yay for chat bubbles!

“We’re doing a major effort to improve our animations, particularly for superspeed, and we expect that to be something we can show in the next few weeks. We love the improvements we’ve added, and we’re convinced that our community wants us to stop and make sure each piece of the game is really good before we move on. Quality is hard to upgrade later – and sometimes ‘later’ never comes. After superspeed, we’d really like to focus on showing off how leveling works and how augmentations work, using an in-game character the same way you will. We’re working on several new powersets in parallel, but right now we are thinking that we will delay showing them until after we can organize a CCT Beta. The Beta will be our fourth system test that is open to the community, and we think it will be worth the wait. We just have to get a few more improvements installed and checked first.”

Check it all out in our gallery and on the official site.

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