Camelot Unchained was worried the ‘Siege of Cherry Keep’ stress test would melt your computer


Camelot Unchained backers over the weekend had the opportunity to kick the crap out of the servers for a planned stress test, and apparently it stressed more than just the servers, to the point that City State Entertainment even warned people to log out if their machines were melting. Ahh, MMOs.

“Just a few months ago, we showed you folks our first pass at building destruction,” Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs wrote. “It had a handful of siege engines, and destruction was rough, but it worked. Two months later, we are bringing in our Alpha, Beta 1, and IT Backers to a weekend test, where we will show you 200 working trebuchets, and over 800 other siege engines and NPCs.” Apparently the “Siege of Cherry Keep” was “one to remember” for the super-still-under-NDA folks who attended.

Meanwhile, CSE says it’s been working on building performance, sky lighting, clouds, collision sounds, projectiles, the world map (wheeee), support classes, mage VFX, focus items, the ability builder, crafting, player animations, longbows… it just goes on and on. It’s ramping up, folks.

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