Final Fantasy XIV is retiring its GARO collaboration with patch 5.1

Oh no, manchildren!

The GARO collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV has lasted a long while. It’s still ongoing right now, even; if you want to pick up the gear you can go do that right now, and if you want to work your way up to one of the achievement-based horse mounts, that’s still eminently doable. But at long last, there is an endpoint in sight… albeit not a very urgent one, as the collaboration is set to end with the launch of patch 5.1.

You may notice that patch 5.1 post-dates the upcoming expansion launch, which will be 5.0. That means that the collaboration’s actual end date is likely to be some time in October or November, based on FFXIV’s reliable patch schedule (which would have 5.1 about three and a half months after the expansion launch on July 2nd). So you don’t need to urgently rush to get any equipment you want right this second… but you should definitely plan on finishing up anything you want from the event before it’s over.

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