Star Wars: The Old Republic outlines the plans for upcoming reveals surrounding the Onslaught expansion

Gotta protect that shoulder.

A lot of stuff is arriving in Star Wars: The Old Republic with its next expansion, Onslaught. There’s a new playable race (Nautolans), two new planets (Onderon and Mek-sha), new Tactical gear, new abilities for classes… it’s pretty far-reaching, that’s the point. And all of the above features deserve a full write-up on the official site, which community manager Daniel Steed is hard at work producing. He’s even produced a full rundown of all the topics up for discussion so that players can see what’s in progress and what can be expected in the future.

In addition to all of the topics already mentioned, a tactical report on Dantooine and a rundown of the new recurring Pirate Incursion event are in the pipeline, along with a summary of the story players can expect going in. Player feedback is also welcome, with the caveat that some of these topics may wind up expanding or being merged as work continues. Still, if the pile of stuff being added with the expansion looks overwhelming, at least you know that a digest of what you need to know is on the way.

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