Dual Universe is adding UI and graphical improvements, bartering, and a talent tree


The next update to the alpha version of sci-fi voxelbox Dual Universe is bringing some pretty noteworthy features. Among these updates are some new graphical tricks and UI elements, the addition of a talent tree, and player-to-player direct bartering among other things.

The graphic updates are pretty minor overall with motion blur and new volumetric cloud generation, while the UI changes are in the quality-of-life camp like a HUD lock toggle, missed notifications tab in the chat, and the ability to use arrow keys when determining where to place voxels. A couple of the more interesting features in the build are the aforementioned barter system to let players trade items among themselves, and a new talent tree that appears to let players improve a variety of things like terraforming, item manufacture, and various aspects of piloting.

A dev blog breaking down this new talent system is is expected later this week, while fans are directed to Dual Universe’s social media channels for upcoming patch notes. For now, the features of this next update are summarized in video form below.


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This game still piques my interest. But really, who ever wants motion blur? That’s always the first graphical setting I turn off in any game I play >.<


Pretty much the only voxel based game I am very interested on. I generally dont like voxels much but this looks a lot different and has various features that got my attention. I hope to try it soon


I wasn’t very good at building in Landmark, but building spaceships is enough to motivate me to improve. Really looking forward to designing and testing various builds.