The Division 2’s third update arrives next week without level 515 gear


When you invest a lot of time, effort, and materials in crafting your best gear, it can be pretty disheartening to learn that an incoming update will render all of that work meaningless with another item level hike. That was the frustration faced by players of The Division 2 and its upcoming Title Update 3, which was not only going to see level 515 kit arrive, but mostly make said gear available in the PvP-centric Dark Zone. Those plans, however, have been walked back in the face of feedback.

A post from the developers announces the adjustment, citing PTS feedback and data as well as “intense internal discussions”:

“Gear Score 500 items would have been outdated immediately, and all the effort you put into min/maxing and farming your builds would have been wasted just as the Raid goes live. We don’t want to invalidate your progression and we heard that feedback loud and clear from our community. Your gear and your builds are important to you and to us.”

Not only will Gear Score 500 equipment remain the top shelf in The Division 2, there will soon be additional ways of getting there: TU3 will bring increased rewards for clearing daily Priority Hard and Challenging missions, and practically every activity in the game will guarantee Gear Score 500 item drops if you’re at that average. There’s also been a balancing of loot tables across the board to ensure you don’t see items that are lower than your average Gear Score.

Level 500 goodies will also be waiting within the Dark Hours eight-player raid, which will be part of TU3 but will not open until a week after the update lands. For now, the closest thing we have to patch notes is from a Phase 2 PTS update post from April.

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I enjoyed the game quite a lot, put nearly 100 hours into the game and got myself to GS500+. However, not felt any need to log back in. Whilst I would like to get perfect gear setups, I can’t be arsed with the grind. What’s the point? I don’t need to perfect my gear to complete the PvE content because I can already complete it.

So, my only motivation for grinding out perfect gear is so I can do better in PvP. But, for some reason I don’t enjoy the PvP in TD2. The dark zones, whilst a cool idea, don’t appeal. Too much PvE, not enough PvP, and the extraction mechanic just drove me nuts. The conflict zones, 4v4, were just too small for my tastes.

I may log in just to give the raids a try but probs won’t stay for long.


That balancing of loot tables is going to be really nice. Managed to get time for two runs last night, and at 462 I think in both runs combined I got one drop over that level. Field cache gave me some 470 items, but having some real issues improving over my current hump


Getting from 450 to 500 can be a real slog, but there is any easy way to do it (unless it’s been changed in the last month since I last played).

The game bases WT5 gear drops off of what you already have. This is not your gear score (which is based off what is equiped) but simply what you own. It definitely includes everything in your backpack, but not sure about the stash.

So, to get better gear drops, you need to have high GS items in your backpack.

Time to game the system!

Visit all the vendors and buy any items that are 490. Make sure you visit the secret vendor as she has the best stuff. Then, visit the crafting benches and modify your highest stuff. You can boost a GS490 item up to GS505 or so fairly easily.

Once you’ve done that, gear drops will start being much higher gear score than you’ve experienced so far.

I was in the same situation as you. When WT5 launched, I cleared all the content and probs put 15 hours into the game and my gear score barely budged. I went from 450 to 460 in that time period and was disappointed. Following the method above, I very swiftly went from 460 to 500. You’ll also find that once you have reached 500, most drops from missions will be about that range so you can focus on getting good gear, rather than just trying to improve GS.


Great tips thanks!

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BioWare should take notes. This is how you communicate and “work with” your community. Not by caving to complaints, but by taking them seriously and using them to help inform decisions along with internal data and extensive discussions and then giving the community some insight as to why a change/decision was made.

Haven’t picked it up yet (still need to get a new GPU after finally confirming my old one was what was causing my computer to break, just need to wait on decent sales for one of the few cards I want), but things like this just make me more likely to get it early rather than wait for deep sales like I’d normally do. Happy to throw more money to support developers that seem like they’re doing a good job. Not perfect obviously, still tons of community complaints, but at least they’re trying.

Nick // Genghis

I was actually glad they decided to postpone the release of the raid and got a PTS server propped up shortly after launch. Given how communicative and forthcoming Ubi/Massive have been since the release, combined with their track record from Div1 (minus growing pains ALL complex loot games have in their initial patches), I have complete faith that somewhere in the 3 to 6 month mark, this game will be better than other alternatives on the market. I personally have decided to hold off playing as hard as I was in that first month to not get totally burnt out on the game and have a good mindset for the inevitable revisit(s). Really hoping Survival and Underground game modes return sooner rather than later. Expeditions sounds like an above ground UG so there’s hope!