TERA introduces Popori Brawlers and deals with a nasty crustacean infestation as Skywatch Call to Arms goes live


TERA’s pudgy Popori are packing a powerful punch thanks to today’s Skywatch: Call to Arms update, which grants the rotund bear-folk the ability to take up the gauntlets of the Brawler class. The patch also introduces the hard-mode version of the Gossamer Vault dungeon, into which players level 68 or higher can venture in search of valuable rewards such as legacy essence, supreme metal, legendary inner armor, and — the patch’s other new addition — treasure maps.

Players can find treasure-map halves in high-level dungeons, and when the left and right halves of a map are combined, they create one of five treasure maps that players can follow to find a hidden chest full of precious loot including diamonds, relics or halidoms, skill scrolls, and more.

And next week, players who need a little vacay from slaying BAMs and delving dungeons can kick back with some sand, surf, and sun with this year’s Summer Festival. But before the festivities can kick off, players will need to clear the beaches of a particularly nasty crab infestation. Headed by their snippy overlord Kaithan, the King of Crabs, the cadre of crustaceans will drop gems, consumables, gold, and the “fabled Shrimp Head accessory” upon their defeat. Then, on June 20th, it’ll be time to munch on the suddenly plentiful crab claws as the Summer Festival commences, bringing with it a beach party full of minigames, new event quests, and of course unique seasonal rewards. For the full details on the latest patch and the upcoming Summer Festival, be sure to check out the game’s official site.

And hey, if you want some more TERA action, you can join Chris as he ventures into the land of BAMs in this month’s run of Choose My Adventure.


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