RuneScape reveals Big Game Hunting, details Completionist Cape and weapon diversity changes

Breaking rocks in the hot sun.

Step over Turok; there are some new dinosaur hunters in town — or at least there will be when RuneScape’s upcoming Land Out of Time update launches next month, as the recent Month Ahead Q&A livestream revealed. In the nearly hour-long stream, Mod Shauny and Mod Erator gave players their first look at the new features that will be arriving with Land Out of Time, which will bring a huge new island packed with brand-new Hunter, Agility, and Slayer content. Although the Agility and Slayer features won’t be announced until next week, the stream did provide a peek at the new Hunting activity, Big Game Hunting.

Described as “new and innovative,” Big Game Hunting will have players collecting resources to build traps in order to kill any of nine massive new creatures, all while remaining undetected by their quarry. Successful hunts will reward players with a variety of new items, including skins that can be used to make a new T75 ranged tank armor set and broken pieces that can be crafted into a new, Hexhunter-style maul.

On top of unveiling Big Game Hunting, the mods also discussed the upcoming Completionist Cape rework, revealing three concepts for halos that will be available to players who have completed the Profound achievement, and looked into the progress of the ongoing weapon diversity beta. If you want to get all the details for yourself, you can catch a recording of the full stream below, or you can check out the TL;DW summary over on Reddit.

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Oh, so it’s just more items they are trying to fill your bank space with…like all the other items…