Fallout 76 will keep its battle royale mode Nuclear Winter live past its ‘pre-beta sneak peek’


Stop us if you saw this one coming: Bethsoft says it’s going to go ahead and keep Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter mode “pre-beta sneak peek” online past the free trial week, specifically because it’s “been blown away by the reactions and responses” coming from players. Amazing, right?

To recap, Nuclear Winter is a 52-person battle royale mode confirmed at E3 and added to the game as a “test” this week while the game is freely accessible to all comers.

“The battle for the role of Vault 51’s Overseer has begun. In Nuclear Winter, you’ll take part in a 52-player fight to the death. Rank up, unlock new and exclusive Perks, deploy a C.A.M.P. and even launch nukes. As the ring of fire closes in, will you be the last one standing?”

The studio has previously promised a double expies event for players who stick around past the trial, too.

We streamed Fallout 76 as part of the free trial last night, and it didn’t exactly go well: While our streamer enjoyed the game and the ambiance, a large chunk of the stream was ruined by a high-level troll who followed and harassed her newbie character (and then chased her to Twitter). Not a great look for the game’s extant community.

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It’s a Battle Royale.. if battle royale fans wanted something in the way of meaningful, interesting and fulfilling content they wouldn’t be playing Battle Royales so I think its probably safe. It’s all lowest common denominator stuff..

Biggest issue via Twitch I’ve seen the players have so far is working out that all the guns are inbalanced next to each others because that is where PERK cards come in… its throws them completely as they approach it as every other battle royale where it is just essentially a straight up last man standing FPS with no other systems beyond that… but this has the RPG progression elements to it and it baffles them.

Watching them scratch thier collective heads and work it out has been amusing.


This game is fast becoming the most nihilistic, anti-Fallout thing to ever exist.


A Battle Royale mode? How creative! What will they think of next, human NPC’s? That would blow my mind.

Danny Smith

“Todd we got an issue, too many people started playing because of the fortnite mode-durr i mean battle royale mode”



It’s a mix of the free week + the Nuclear Winter mode which was put in as a ‘pre-beta’ sneak peek.


Bethesda’s announcement of NPCs and quests to be added to the game gives me hope that they won’t pull a Fortnite/H1Z1. I guess we’ll see.


Well yeah, it’s very popular/liked right now so it makes sense to keep it rolling.

Also one dude trolling isn’t representative of the community. Plus in the stream thread there were tips on what to do to help avoid idiots like that in the future.


This is a very smart move. NW is polished enough to be well into beta, and is driving a lot of interest in the game.