APB: Reloaded adds permanent guns and standard pricing to the Joker Ticket store

Forever gun.

It’s always really nice to see a patch that players are just happy about across the board, isn’t it? APB: Reloaded has done that with a new change that’s both small and big. The update just adds 80+ permanent guns to the game’s Joker Ticket store, each with standardized pricing so that veryone can see exactly what’s being bought at a glance. And yet that makes a pretty big change in that players can, well, just purchase these guns, know exactly what is being gotten, and have them forever.

Of course, players have also mentioned that the prices are a bit high when you consider how slow the rate of acquisition for Joker Tickets currently is, but the team has also directly stated that there are more and better ways coming to acquire Joker Tickets in the near future to address that specific problem. In short, it’s easier to get a gun that does what you want in a reliable way and it’ll soon be easier to earn the currency. That’s an unambiguous positive. It’s also just the latest addition to the title; you may recall that Little Orbit purchased the game a year ago and has been continually updating it, including with a sizable battle royale mode.

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Good one. Now there is a point to actually play the game. Although 10k JT weapons will take forever to unlock (a month or two) considering an average match reward is 25 tickets.

Wynne Rogers

huh, after seeing a “Death of a game” video on this, I thought it was dead.

Grave Knight

Not all titles show on “Death of a Game” are dead games. Many of them are just near dead. Case in point is Star Trek Online. Not a dead game, but the numbers are so low that it’s near dead (and so long as there are enough living breathing Trekkies I don’t think that game will die).


It did die, several times actually I think, but now it’s back…again…like a bad smell that you just can’t shift…

It was alright-ish at one point and it could have done with this change then rather than when there’s nobody left to care because they all just play GTA online or whatever. Still, it proves these are the most sensible people to pick it up yet so maybe they can make a decent game out of it in the end after all.