Fallout 76 shows off its upcoming Vault 94 raid

That's a big oops.

It’s hard to know how to feel about the preview of Fallout 76’s upcoming raid on Vault 94 as a long-time MMO player. The article itself talks in detail about the idea that this area will be instanced, so other players can’t disrupt it, and we imagine most veterans will be torn between feeling faintly patronized and patronizing the article right back. “Aw, bless, you’re providing instanced content now just like a real MMO! That’s so cute.”

But hey, why not split the difference? The important thing is that the raid on Vault 94 looks like fun for players, taking a full team of level 50+ players into the site to take on one of three missions within the depths. Successful completion offers various rewards as well as Vault Steel used to craft items, with more rewards coming from taking on higher difficulty levels (you can’t learn armor plans at Novice difficulty, for example). So even if the concept might not feel exceedingly novel for veterans of the genre, it at least still does look fun.

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John Mclain

My concern is that this “challenging” raid content will be just as easy as all the other “challenging” content bethesda has added, like the barrows and artos pharma, which were so easy people could moonwalk through them while being 10 levels below the minimum recommended level, and do these 2-3 man recommended content SOLO.

The issue is Bethesda has done a TERRIBLE job balancing the game in any way, and any of us endgame player are basically roaming gods, able to smite almost any enemy in the game in one hit, while being nearly immortal to virtually anything and everything. Nothing poses a challenge whatsoever once you reach this point, not endgame bosses, not dungeons, not raids, not events, not scorch queens, nothing. You become a a very bored god.

Think of it like being a level 1000 character in an RPG where even the toughest enemies and bosses only go upto level 100.