EVE Online releases CSM 14 summit minutes as players quibble over metrics


The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) in EVE Online has had its first summit and those who are eager to learn a bit about what was talked about can download the .pdf themselves to get a handle about what was talked about. Mostly.

I say “mostly” because, according to a dev blog, four of the 30 sessions have been redacted in the interest of preventing leaks regarding future content updates. That said, what’s in the minutes has plenty of meat for EVE Online players to gnaw on, including discussions about Blackout, a number of discussions regarding ship balance and the Chaos Era, and the economy among other matters.

One particular point raised in Reddit relates to how CCP measures where players “live” in-game by using Most Time metrics. According to CCP Larrikin, there is agreement that tracking this information should be improved; the problem with measuring where players spend their time in EVE comes from moments where someone is spending lots of time in one part of space to further efforts in another part, like running missions in high sec to fund roaming in null sec.

For those Capsuleers who are willing to blip through pages of notes, make sure you get yourself a copy.

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