Ship of Heroes’ character creator is adding so many glowing eyes you guys

But, uh, not ridable giant spiders... sorry fam


Did you miss the body morphs video Ship of Heroes pumped out over the weekend? Don’t fret; it’s still watchable, even if Heroic Games is already moving on to the next dev blog in its countdown to the release of its character creation test on November 1st.

“As I write this, it is Monday morning, not even three days later, and we have made multiple improvements in response to the feedback from the community,” Heroic’s Casey McGeever said this morning. Apparently, that includes the addition of glowing eyes (they want to know if we want more than seven, and yes, yes we do), load and save options for both character and costume, and reset options for when you screw it all up.

“There was a lot of concern for a RESET feature. We have a RESET feature (change from one character model to another one and back, and you are reset back to defaults). But hey, if people want a reset button that warns you with a pop-up, we can do that too. We did do it, in fact. Community discussion of the RESET feature led to people wanting an UNDO feature. So we have added an UNDO button that reverses the last feature change you’ve made. We are now working to extend this to multiple feature selections you’ve made (this is a bigger deal). We expect to get the multiple UNDO feature working just around the time the Beta starts — it is a bit of a race.”

Teasing aside, the Ship of Heroes devs really are asking for more feedback, though the community’s wackier ideas are probably not going to happen at this point. “Part of the purpose of the Beta is to surface the things that the community most wants to have,” McGeever notes. “And to that guy who wanted to ride a giant spider — sorry, don’t hold your breath as we do not have anything like that in the pipeline. But for MOST stuff, we do listen. And we get a lot of our ideas from all of you, so keep them coming.” Sorry, spider mount guy – you tried.

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