EVE Echoes launches its open beta on mobile devices

Mobile spreadsheets.

It’s time to keep a little piece of cutthroat space politics in your pocket wherever you go, as the open beta for EVE Echoes is available now for Android and iOS devices. Not a lot of them yet, though; as the FAQ for the test and numerous replies to the testing announcement make clear, the game is currently available only for relatively new devices, with plans to expand that support over the course of the testing period.

This will be a good thing, as the FAQ also notes that players can expect the player-driven economy of the main desktop game to follow them into the handheld version, so you can’t buy what no one is selling. You can use the Cosmic Anomaly in a given system to help provide you with fittings for your ship, though, so that’s something! If you don’t mind a test version of the game and just want to be deeply engaged in spaceship antics while on the go, give the mobile version a try.

Source: Twitter, FAQ

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

I’ve been playing Hearthstone on my smartphone and looking for something new. I’m genuinely thinking of adding EVE Echoes to the app collection and giving it a go.