The Elder Scrolls Online is delaying the Undaunted event into January

Well, I feel daunted.

Ironically, it appears that getting the Undaunted event running in The Elder Scrolls Online has proven to be an exceedingly daunting task. You all remember this, right? How the game happily announced the event kicking off, then disabled it almost immediately, then continued to delay it due to issues with the Activity Finder? The good news is that the development team hasn’t forgotten about the event and they are going to launch this thing, dang it! The bad news is that it’s going to wait until January of next year as the Activity Finder continues to be hammered into shape.

By way of compensating for players who had been looking forward to getting those sweet event tickets from the Undaunted event, the upcoming New Life Festival will be tweaked slightly to award players an extra three tickets once per day for killing the final boss of dungeons, delves, trials, or arenas, or even just killing a world boss. That means a fair chunk of extra tickets for players, hopefully enough to offset the sting of the repeated event delays.

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This game has some REALLY persistent technical issues. Some have been there since launch, others were introduced later on but remain unfixed after months/years. The engine they picked as a base was one of the worst choices on the market, and the dev team itself doesn’t seem to be much more competent than Hero Engine’s devs.


Heh. Not a surprise.

We have talked about this before. The Activity Finder issues have been ongoing since the game took off with the Tamriel One update.

The problems are inherent. They are in large part due to the design of the server structure. There is no platform cross over and Megaservers suck when it comes to grouping because of the breadth of service requests when looking for a group.

The problem is well known.


Hopefully they will not be daunted once again!


Dragons took nest in the building where the queue servers are situated and Zenimax is amassing and training an army to drive them off so the Undaunted event can begin.

Seriously its almost as weird as the time SSG couldnt bring the servers for LOTRO back online or the more recent case with Gaming toying around ArchePass

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Alex Willis

This situation is so weird. I’d ask “how hard is this to fix?” but I’m not sure I want the answer. I kept looking out for the relaunch of the Undaunted event and then missed the Dragonguard (or whatever the most recent one was called) event because I had confused it with the “dragon sweepstakes” thing that recently wrapped up. (Branding problem, guys: don’t double down on dragons.)

Love the events schedule, but there seems to be some problems over there.