Star Wars Galaxies Legends plans Life Day, new heroics, and a contest judged by George Lucas’ son


SWTOR and Fortnite aren’t the only games in our wheelhouse that are jumping on the Star Wars Rise of Skywalker hype train. According to the December community piece, the player team for the Star Wars Galaxies Legends rogue server is dropping a non-canon BB-8 event and themed contest that will be judged by none other than Jett Lucas, George Lucas’ son. Eyebrows going up right now as we remind everyone that this is one of multiple non-authorized servers running the old SOE MMORPG, so this is either really ballsy or super comforting. We’re not sad about it, though!

The server is also gearing up for Life Day – no, we can’t stop the sun from setting or Life Day from returning to Star Wars – with multiple holiday rewards and events queued up, including a double XP event (good time to level a new toon or pet or smack down some harvesters). “A large amount of flammable canisters have been spotted near the Kachiro Spaceport, what could this possibly mean for Life Day?” Probably not what you’re hoping, that’s what.

December will also see the launch of two new heroic instances that “will serve as your introductions into the Jedi Themepark content, which will fully drop in January 2020.” And yes, that lag problem will be fixed as the server’s getting a much-needed upgrade to handle its newfound popularity.

“Over the past year, we have received an incredible amount of new players to our server. In order to make sure the galaxy can support everyone, we run large servers that help run each planet. We are happy to announce that we are upgrading our hardware and adding a new server box onto our system. This should help reduce lag in high-activity zones, such as Mos Eisley and Space Zones. Running these servers is only possible by donations from players.”

YouTuber and friend of MOP Napyet has published a whole video on the update; check it out for an audio-visual rundown:


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Lucas’s kid huh, I’m sure his opinion is just as valuable as Wolfgang Vanhalen’s regarding VanHalen; the nepotism is strong in this one (spoken in the voice of Yoda).

Bruno Brito

Now, if only they didn’t allow afk playing…

Toy Clown

I kick myself for not being able to figure out how to get SWG on my computer. :(


In the sidebar there are download links.

Even if you searched for “Star Wars Galaxies download” you would find results on the first page and would be downloading and installing it less than 5 minutes after you’ve began searching for it.

It’s not like a super rate piece of software.


Thats a crazy judge. This server is the best thing goin in SW gaming.


And currently the only Star Wars MMORPG worth playing.