Star Wars Galaxies Legends teases January update, Carrie Fisher tribute event tonight


There’s a content update on the horizon for Star Wars Galaxies Legends and it apparently really enjoys being a Sith. The sandbox rogue server MMO released a teaser video for Jedi Themepark: Rise of the Forgotten this week, and it promises plenty of new things for players to look forward to in January.

Just what sorts of new things? Try some new challenging heroic instances involving those spooky space wizards known as the Sith, over 80 new loot items, new craftable and colorable furnishings, new melee and ranged weapons, and returning TCG items and Village items just to name a few. It’s literally an entire content patch for a game that is, effectively, dead. Which is pretty cool.

Expect Jedi Themepark: Rise of the Forgotten to land sometime in January 2020 and get a preview of what’s to come below.

If you’re looking for something to do this evening, however, you could venture in-game for the annual Carrie Fisher tribute event.

“Carrie Fisher first came onto our screens in Star Wars: A New Hope way back in 1977, starring as the iconic character Princess Leia and continuing to her legendary role in Episodes V, VI, VII, VIII, and IX. In Star Wars Galaxies, Princess Leia is also a character vital to the story and adventure we take within the game. She appears in numerous quests and in-game events; such as the Rebel Themepark, Remembrance Day, Life Day and much more. Her presence and energy persists as a huge part of our hearts as Star Wars fans, her fire is ingrained into the soul of the game and all of Star Wars itself. December 27th marks the three year anniversary since Carrie Fisher’s passing and we want to pay tribute to the incredible story our princess. We invite you all to a tribute service to celebrate her life which will be taking place on Friday, December 27th at Dee’ja Peak on Naboo (/waypoint 5225 -1655) at 11.15PM GMT UK/6.15PM EST USA/3.15PM PST USA.”

source: YouTube, thanks to Freddy for the tip!

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Started watching The Last Jedi last night. Once I realized the movie wasn’t going to be over once they landed on Hoth with Leia I threw up the white flag.

I did enjoy the fact that Laura Dern and Justin Theroux was in it – two major Lynch alums. However, why they gave such a minuscule part to Theroux was criminal.