RIFT players sponsor an elaborate contest to build cave dimensions


Yesterday, we watched in bemusement as our piece about MMOs people want to play in 2020 blew up on Twitter, specifically with former RIFT players begging Gamigo to fix up the game in the new year because of all the latent love gamers have for it. And… that’s fair. RIFT used to be one of the biggest MMORPGs in the west. It’d be lovely to see it returned to glory, right?

Anyhow, if you were among the lovely people in our menchies considering making a return trek to the game, point your eyeballs over at the official forums, where players are drumming up support for one of the MMO’s key selling points: its massive housing system known as dimensions, specifically because they’re much bigger than just housing. Player Refuge is running a contest for players to build out a spectacular… cave, of any size.

“Caves, caverns, grottoes, bunkers, underground rivers or houses, rock overhangs, you name it, it’s all good. Well.. I’m trying to sound inclusive here, but we also have to appreciate that a cave is still essentially a cave! Here’s the rule of thumb, create anything that either: a) Makes the visitor feel like they’re underground or under a rock overhang, hence the appearance of rocks at some point should be visible, either at the entrance or throughout. b) Or create a scene where the cave is an important focus, though doesn’t necessarily have to be built within or be fully accessible, i.e. an archaeologist dig site, the cave might be one of the features. c) Or use a dim key that already has a cave like feature, i.e. Dream Hive, Icewatch, Harrow Crypt etc. but be sure to spice it up well to compete with the man-made ones! You don’t have to create natural curves either. As long as you can convince the judges it’s a cave or an underground bunker then that’s cool! The wow factor should be linked to the cave feature itself and not elsewhere. For example; a beautiful waterfall with a mediocre cave further afield will probably not score brilliantly. But a beautiful waterfall within the cave or covering the cave will! Get the gist?”

Prizes for the top three winners include dyes, Rex, and an entire physical bundle of the Telara Chronicles. There’s also a cheeky mention of getting “a whole island named after you in Rift 2023,” but, well, that seems unlikely. It looks as if the judging doesn’t take place until the end of February, so you have a bit of time to build.


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I’m glad players are doing gamigo’s promotional duties for them, since gamigo seems largely uninterested in doing anything beyond further monetizing the game since it launched.

It sucks seeing MMO’s like Rift or SWL where there’s a small but dedicated remaining playerbase desperately trying to keep their games alive and bring in new players. All while the respective developers largely sit on their hands doing nothing. They just need to come out and say that the money’s gone and there’s no more support, and let the cards fall where they will. It’s almost unnecessarily cruel to give them hope otherwise.


Yeah it sucks that RIFT had to inevitably get dragged down by Trion’s failures with other games to the point where Trove seems to get more love than it does.