Albion Online hot-fixes a Hideout issue while acknowledging issues with the Battle for Caerleon event

Bring out your something.

Every big patch has some issues, and Albion Online’s Queen update, which landed yesterday, was no exception. It turned out that Hideouts were getting completed instantly and not being made vulnerable to attack, which meant that players who had built them quickly were essentially able to build them without a trace of risk. A manual hotfix was put into place that basically just made them far more vulnerable for a brief period, thus ensuring that there was at last some risk for these new structures ahead of putting in a more permanent correction to the issue.

Still, it doesn’t appear to have suffered from the same number of issues as the game’s Battle for Caerleon, which players have described as being just plain bad due to bugs, disconnection, player population, and so forth. Director Robin Henkys has described the event as a learning experience, noting that the timing of it right before the Queen patch was a poor idea and the team was not adequately prepared for the player influx. He promises that the team will learn lessons from this for future events.

Source: Hideouts, Battle for Caerleon (1, 2)

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

No hideout? No problem!


I wanted to like this game, unfortunately it seems as though everyone who plays it is either 12 or acts like they are 12.