Warframe highlights new Protea Frame, Scarlet Spear op, and Tennocon 2020’s date

Warframe highlights new Protea Frame, Scarlet Spear op, and Tennocon 2020’s date

Now that Kuva Liches are a little bit better than they were previously (presumably), Warframe can now focus on what’s next, which includes a couple of sizeable updates and this year’s Tennocon fan convention. Basically, there’s a fair bit for fans of the online action shooter to look forward to.

The latest devstream granted players a look at The Deadlock Protocol and Operation: Scarlet Spear. More specifically they gave them a listen to what’s next, as a lot of the focus was on sound design, though there was plenty to look at as well.

The Deadlock Protocol will introduce the new Frame Protea, the remastered Corpus faction, and a couple of tasty new weapons like the Corpus Radiation Gun and Corpus Gunblade. Honestly, I’m shocked this game took this long to realize gunblades are cool. As for Operation: Scarlet Spear, the stream offered a peek at what the new operation HQ looks like, as well as a look (and listen) at new Railjack sentient ship enemies and a new sentient gun that players will get to wield. There will also be Railjack bug fixes in this update to look forward to.

That’s the near future for Warframe. As for the slightly distant future, that will likely be unveiled at Tennocon 2020, which has opened up its landing page and announced a date of Saturday, July 11th, at London, Ontario, Canada. Fans can currently sign up to be notified when tickets for the event go on sale, but we expect more to be announced soon™.

sources: Warframe official site, Tennocon official site, thanks Sophiskiai!

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