Blizzard appears to have quietly launched a WoW Classic PTR

Prepare for bear.

We’re all very accustomed to the test realm for World of Warcraft usually showing off every facet of a patch well in advance, sometimes taking long enough that the patch at the end feels almost perfunctory. WoW Classic has not sported this particular feature because it hasn’t really needed to; all of its patches are tested and finished due to the very nature of Classic as a concept. But the observant folks at Wowhead have noticed that there is, in fact, a newly added WoW Classic PTR now present in the overall lineup of product types.

It’s as yet unknown what this might actually mean. Could it be used for beta testing expansion-specific servers such as a server for The Burning Crusade? Could it be a sign that actual changes are coming which were not present in the original version of Classic? Could it just be a minor change that means absolutely nothing? We don’t know, since it hasn’t been announced or discussed. But it’s interesting just the same.

Source: Wowhead
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