Crowfall previews the Frostweaver class, says War of the Gods update is imminent


Crowfall’s March developer Q&A session has been uploaded, and once more it’s got a lot of tasty informational bits for fans of the game. The devs fielded several questions from players, with topics ranging between the thrall system to the upcoming Frostweaver class.

Before the Q&A, J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair first opened by once more talking about the War of the Gods update and where it stands in terms of coming to the test server. According to Coleman, the update is due to arrive any day now, with the biggest block being a bug list that changes day to day. Once those fixes are fully complete, however, the update should be on the test server, then on the live server shortly after. “Every single day I’d ask the question ‘is today the day,’ and at some point here, the answer is going to be ‘yes,'” remarked Coleman.

From there, the devs gathered up and answered the usual swath of player questions, which offered a pretty good range of topics from PvP looting to crafting to racial passives. There were a number of questions about how thralls work, specifically the loot that minions and bosses drop (minions drop Soul Essence, bosses drop an item for a Major Discipline based on their name) and whether bosses spawn in the same place (they don’t).

The video then went on to answer a variety of questions about the Frostweaver class and show off promotion classes for the Frostweaver, with a quick look at the DPS, tank, and healing specs. Right now, the final effects are being worked on for the Frostweaver, including effects for abilities and weapon strikes, which Blair notes is usually the final step before bringing a class to Crowfall.

There are other topics touched on during the Q&A as well, so fans will perhaps want to check out the full embed below or look at this handy synopsis.

sources: Youtube, Reddit

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At least I might get to play Crowfall during this bad period of time. One good news out of the coronavirus season.

Cyclone Jack
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Cyclone Jack

Finally getting to the Frostweaver, eh? This is the main class that I’ve been looking forward to.