EVE Online addresses cheaters, elaborates on tomorrow’s faction war updates

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EVE Online has a whole lot to talk about, both on its official site and in the weekly EVE Pulse video series. This week, there’s a look at the next content update coming to the Fight or Flight Quadrant which will bring a number of faction war updates, and yet another discussion about measures being taken against Cheaty McCheatersons.

Lowsec is getting some love in the Loyalty to Lowsec update arriving on Tuesday, March 24th, which introduces the aforementioned faction war updates that include increased loyalty point payouts for PvP missions, reductions to loyalty point payouts for PvE missions, an increase in Acceleration Gate activation areas which should combat tackling before players can enter a faction warfare combat complex, and new battleship-specific sites. The March 24th update will also bring the Frigate Escape Bay to the live game.

To celebrate the Loyalty to Lowsec update’s arrival, players will enjoy increased PvP loot drops and an increased warp speed in lowsec between March 24th and April 6th to encourage more lowsec PvP combat. There will also be a Champions of Lowsec contest between March 26th and 31st, where the alliance or corp that destroys the most value in ISK will get its logo displayed on a flag at CCP Games’ new HQ, a tribute that will be displayed on all New Eden billboards through the month, and medals to capsuleers of the winning side that participated in the fights Basically, if you like fighting other people, it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

In a separate post, CCP Games is once more affirming its commitment to the battle against cheaters. The devs are touting the success of their special task force that was created roughly a year ago, which has seen a reduction in botting activity by 80% when compared to last year. The post also announces that some “exciting” news on the subject of account security will be announced later.

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