Wizard 101 announces the arrival of a test realm and new pet features that will be up for testing


The arrival of a test realm very often seems to be a development that’s met with a lot of praise from players, so fans of Wizard101 may be excited to learn that their MMORPG is getting a test realm of its very own soon. This spring, to be exact.

This announcement was made during last week’s King’s Isle Live developer stream, which also introduced some new pet-focused features that will be up for testing once the test realm goes live, like a Pet Mastery system that lets players climb mastery tiers for certain games every 25 wins, a new Happiness stat for pets that will let players control their pet as well as other soon to be announced benefits, and a Spiral Showcase event exclusively for pets.

In addition, Wizard101 testers will be seeing updates like a revamped UI, an updated new user experience, improved castle decorating features, and a new monthly calendar of events for people to keep track of what’s going on in-game. You can take in the entire broadcast in the embed below or check out the Stars of the Spiral fansite for information as well as some video previews of some new features coming to the game.


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