Legends of Aria’s May update will add new PvP zones and themed seasons


With its paid Dark Sorcery DLC a few weeks behind us now, you’re probably wondering what exactly is next for sandbox MMO Legends of Aria. Or at least I am. Might the game actually launch?

Well, the latest dev vlog previewing patch 9.5 doesn’t address that head on, but Citadel Studios previously hinted that it would “soon […] be revealing to you [its] plans for leaving Early Access [starting] with the upcoming release of PR10,” meaning we’re not far now.

So what’s in store for 9.5? “This patch is all about expanding engagement in core gameplay activities with new opportunities for risk and reward,” Citadel says. “Whether you fancy crafting, PvE, or PvP, this update is built to satisfy every play style, and focuses on three key areas.” Those areas are chaos zones, essentially free-for-all PvP zones with no penalties; arc quests, multi-step story chains that take players all over the map; and new seasons too:

“With the release of Seasons we are excited to provide a means for players from various play styles to work toward exclusive monthly rewards while they explore all that New Celador has to offer. Seasons will be refreshed monthly and each theme will be orientated around unique events, enemies, and rewards. The theme for the season will drive what tasks can be completed to earn points and also what rewards are available for players to unlock. Players can engage in unique or repeatable PvE, crafting, harvesting, or Chaos Zone content in return for points that can be redeemed to unlock 3 tiers of monthly reward.”

Patch 9.5 is expected in May.

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